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Ritalin (Methylphenidate) (Mph) is a CNS stimulant drug that is generally used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Adhd, and attention deficit disorder Add. Ritalin is additionally one of the essential pills used to treat the daytime sluggishness signs of narcolepsy and serious fatigue syndrome.

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Other Brand name of Ritalin Pills

Brand names of medications that hold methylphenidate include instant release racemic methylphenidate Ritalin, Ritalina, Rilatine, Attenta (in Australia), Methylin, Penid, and Rubifen; and the managed discharge tablets Concerta, Metadate Cd, Methylin Er, Ritalin La, and Ritalin-Sr. Focalin is a planning holding just dextro-methylphenidate, as opposed to the normal racemic dextro- and levo-methylphenidate mixture of different plans. Other ways way of taking methylphenidate is by utilizing a transdermal fix (under the brand name Daytrana), like those used for hormone reinstatement help (Hrt), nicotine discharge and pain easing (Fentanyl).

Ritalin Potency and color

Ritalin pills are available in market in different potency and color, commonly Ritalin is in white or yellow color and in 10 mg and 30mg pills potency


Ritalin available in the following potencies

•             Ritalin (Methylphenidate) 10MG Pills

•             Ritalin (Methylphenidate) 30MG Pills


 Ritalin (Methylphenidate) (Mph) is a stimulating medication usually used to cure Attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder Adhd, and Attention deficiency disorder Add. Ritalin is one of the most essential drugs used for the treatment of day time inattention symptoms of narcolepsy and serious fatigue problem. Ritalin is formerly used to cure illness related to fatigue.

Don’t Use Ritalin Pills

Women should be avoid taking Ritalin Pills when they are pregnant and nursing babies with breast feeding because Ritalin can be moved to women’s milk and can lead to further issues for babies. Kids under the age of six also should avoid Ritalin because Ritalin can make problems in body immunity system.

Ritalin short terms Effects

As Ritalin is a prescribed medication and most of individuals think Ritalin is easy and secure medication however many stories exist relating to Ritalin. But if you buy Ritalin online from a reliable pharmacy and use as your prescription is then Ritalin pills are definitely good to use.

Side Effects of Ritalin

As with most prescription drugs like Ritalin, adverse reaction would be likely. They are, but not barred to:

  • vomiting
  • laziness
  • insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Irritableness
  • Weight and heart rate fluctuation


It is also very important to note whether or not the patient is less than 6 years of age or more than 65 Suffers from anorexia, schizophrenia, mild to severe depression or any other syndrome a common principle is to notify one's physician of one's overall emotional, actual condition as well as drug/vitamin/supplement intake before purchasing online Ritalin

How to avoid Ritalin side effects

To avoid the side effects that can come with the use of Ritalin, a number of mother and father have turned to natural medicines. There are several healthy supplements that can rest the nerve system and control sleeping styles. For example, valerian main is a relaxing natural herb that motivates relaxing rest and makes the mind more aware after a night of fulfilling rest. Peppermint and tulsi essential sebum are also beneficial for the treatment ADHD, and provide mental quality while managing the emotions.

Where to buy Ritalin online:

Ritalin is a no prescribed medication, so you can buy Ritalin on the internet from any on the internet drugstore. There are plenty of medication stores from where you can purchase low price Ritalin on the internet. You just need to order cheap Ritalin online and it is provided at your address. So if you want to reduce cost and save time just buy Ritalin online and get a top quality medication while staying house.

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